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    Sample backing map configuration needed


      I want to persist a substantial amount of data into coherence cache. The number of entity objects (all POF enabled) that need to go into the cache is appx 4 million. I am trying to load the whole data set into my server which is having 4 coherence nodes , each running on 2 GB memory, but that is falling short. I have pasted my cache configuration below.

      <?xml version="1.0"?>

      <!DOCTYPE cache-config SYSTEM "cache-config.dtd">


                          <local-scheme />
           <!-- Invocation Service scheme. -->
                     <autostart system-property="tangosol.coherence.invocation.autostart">true</autostart>

      I want to also configure a backing map along with this configuration, but i am not sure how to size the backing map keeping in mind my server memory limitations. Can you please help me out in this? A sample backing map configuration will suffice.