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    How to store data in JavaFX 1.2 Mobile with Storage and Resource API

      I'm need to store some numbers and strings in an application that will be deployed in a HTC HD2 device with JavaFX 1.2 When run on desktop, everything works perfectly. But after being installed in the device, the application won't store data in files. I thought JavaFX was able to do that, according to its documentation (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17802_01/javafx/javafx/1.2/docs/api/javafx.io/javafx.io.Storage.html)

      I do it like this (just the part that stores integers)

      public var availableGifts : Integer[] = [0,0,0];
      var highscoresFile = Storage {
      source: "AvailableGifts.txt"
      public function writeConfiguration() {
      try {
      var resource : Resource = configurationFile.resource;
      var outputStream : DataOutputStream = new DataOutputStream(resource.openOutputStream(true));
      println("Data stored!");
      } catch(ex : IOException) {

      The application is self-signed, just in case. But it won't store data in the mobile device... I need some help with this!