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    J2SE JDK 1.6.0_18 silent install ignores arguments

      I'm trying to install J2SE 1.6.0_18 on Windows XP Professional w/ SP3 via the command line silent install function, and I'm trying to get all 3 portions of the install (JDK, JRE and JavaDB) to install to the D:\ drive. From what I've read in the forums and from the instructions I found on the [webnotes page|http://java.sun.com/javase/6/webnotes/install/jdk/install-windows.html] , I came up with the following command that should work:
      jdk-6u18-windows-i586.exe /s INSTALLDIR=\"d:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_18\" INSTALLDIRPUBJRE=\"d:\Program Files\Java\jre6\" INSTALLDIRJAVADB=\"d:\Program Files\Sun\JavaDB\"
      However, when the command is run, the JDK is installed to the correct location, but the JRE and JavaDB are installed to their default locations.

      I've also run the installation through the GUI and noticed that even there, there is no option to specify where the JavaDB gets installed. I'm able to specify the location for the JDK and the JRE, but that's it.

      Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe something I've missed?
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          Try the following with the parameter INSTALLDIR without forward slash and both */INSTALLDIRJAVADB* and */INSTALLDIRPUBJRE* with forward slash
          jdk-6u26-windows-i586.exe /s INSTALLDIR=\"c:\java\jdk-6u26\" /INSTALLDIRJAVADB=\"c:\java\javadb-6u26\" /INSTALLDIRPUBJRE=\"c:\java\jre-6u26\"
          If you want to use ADDLOCAL please note that */INSTALLDIRJAVADB* and/or */INSTALLDIRPUBJRE* only work if the values PublicjreFeature and/or JavaDBFeature are in ADDLOCAL. e.g.
          jdk-6u26-windows-i586.exe /s ADDLOCAL="ToolsFeature,DemosFeature,SourceFeature,JavaDBFeature,PublicjreFeature" INSTALLDIR=\"c:\java\jdk-6u26\" /INSTALLDIRJAVADB=\"c:\java\javadb-6u26\" /INSTALLDIRPUBJRE=\"c:\java\jre-6u26\"
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            upon putting /INSTALLDIRJAVADB, it pops up the dialog box of windows install. It seems like it is not liking it.

            Is there any way we can specifiy JRE path? I don't like to use default one.