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    How to Increase size of order no field in the existing acc registration?

      Hello All,

      My question is How can I increase the size of the Order number field in 'Need online access to your existing account regisrtation' form?

      In the B2B registration process of a user of an existing account.
      When a user clicks on 'Need online access to your existing corporate account?'
      The following form appears with 3 fields Account number, Order Number and Order Date along with username, password and email fields.

      The order number field is only 10 characters. We need the ability to enter order number with 11-12 characters . Can you please describe the changes that need to happen?
      Do we need to modify the ibeCRgdBusinessCreatePartial directly?

      I have modified this jsp but I get a java.lang.numberformat exception whenver I try to input more than 10 characters.

      I will be very grateful if you can help.

      Many Thanks


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