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    error with event code : DSECF-1532-5

      in our company we use Primavara for our project planner but sometime when we working with it , we receive this error :

      An application event has been intercepted. please note the event code for reference.
      event code : DSECF-1532-5

      but I can't find anything about this code, please help me to understand what's the problem

      I'm sorry for my bad writing .....
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          This error generally means there is a communication issue between the database and the client.

          -Check to ensure the correct firewall ports are open for your database instance.
          -Is the client connecting over a wired or wireless network connection?
          -Try pinging the database server continuously to see if there is a connection loss during the time the application error occurs.

          For reference see:

          Datatbase Connectivity issue - primavera P6 V7

          "Database Server Error: Connection failure [ID 907550.1]" in the Oracle KB.