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    URi design

      hi all,
      this harish i am wandering for hours to create a URi for a page with request something like this in ofbiz,

      please anyone be needful....
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          Your question is very vague. Please try to explain yourself in more detail.

          Are you perhaps trying to create a RESTful webservice? Or are you perhaps trying to call one?
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            i am trying to call one here...
            i have home home uri..
            localhost/home-page/ from this when i request for another i should have URL like this,


            this is the below URL map which i am using and i am getting error like this
            <request-map uri="home-page/Subection">
            <security https="false" auth="false" />
            <response name="success" type="view" value="Subection1"/>
            <response name="error" type="view" value="error"/>

            <view-map name="subsection" type="screen" page="component://exmaple/widget/NewScreens.xml#subsection"/>

            ERROR rendering error page [error/error.jsp], but here is the error text: org.ofbiz.webapp.control.RequestHandlerException: No definition found for view with name [Securing-a-home-loan-as-a-first-time-buyer]
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              the trouble is that you are apparently searching for technical help with some sort of library or framework. Is it Apache Ofbiz by any chance, judging by the package name?


              If you want help you should try to find it in a forum or mailing list for this specific product; this is a forum for Java programming problems, you will have very little chance getting help for specific products.

              However there is a generic piece of advice I can give you; when you get an exception, post the part of the message that is not specific to you (so no filenames, urls, whatever) into Google and see what you get. You are probably not the first person to have this problem. In this case paste

              "org.ofbiz.webapp.control.RequestHandlerException: No definition found for view with name"

              into Google. Perhaps you'll find the solution that way.
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                thank u friend,
                it was really useful one ll try as u said.. :-)