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    Trying to migrate Northwind and the Capture Exporter XML option is no where

      I have walked through the Northwind migration exercise to the point where I am to capture the XML file I created to create the database tables and so on. There is no option to Capture Exporter XML under the Tools>Migration tab where I would expect t find it, and it does not seem to be anywhere else in SQL Developer version 3.0.04, which is the most recent download on technet. What am I missing ?
      I have created the repository, and OMWBREP is connected to the database. The button is not just greyed out, it is not there at all ?
      I did the migration and created the .XML and .SQL files with this tool ?

      The step I am stuck on.........
      14. From the menu bar, select Migration > Capture Exporter XML, to capture the Northwind.xml file generated by the Exporter tool.