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    Https enabling problem


      I am doing a web application using tomcat server 7.0.11 which requires to be using the protocol https

      So i hav followed the instructions as discussed in the below link:


      I am using default SSL configuration rather than APR

      but when i access the
      https://localhost:8443 it is showing the following error:

      "SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.

      (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)"

      but the port 8443 is shown as opened when i checked using telnet

      Any help in this problem will be very much grateful since i am in a stuck situation in development.

      Thanks in advance
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          Make sure you are using the JSSE connector. In theory the APR/OpenSSL connector is 100% compatible but you have to deal with the openssl tool instead of the keytool and it all gets several times as complicated. If you follow all those instructions it does work.

          You should also make sure you can browse to that HTTPS host:port with your browser.
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            thanks for the quick reply,

            Actually i am not familiar with OpenSSL,can u just give some hints on certificate generation using openssl and its configuration with tomcat
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              I just told you not to use it.
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                Sorry, your duplicate posts got deleted, but obviously if you are still getting the SSL record too long there is some problem. But it isn't with your keystore setup. That would cause a different error.

                Can you browse to the HTTPS host:port?

                And what does your client code look like?
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                  yes,i hav tried with -- https://localhost:8443

                  but i am getting the above error (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long) instead of SSL home page in the browser

                  I haven't used any client code here.
                  I am currently trying to enable "https " by

                  1.creating the certificate using keytool command in java
                  2.configuring the server.xml file in the tomcat server

                  as per the tomcat tutorial succesful completion of above 2 steps will provide a SSL home page in the browser when we access with https://localhost:8443

                  but i didn't get that

                  pls help
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                    You got that error with the browser too? So it is a server side error?

                    And what does your client code look like again?

                    And is this an SSLv2 server by any chance?