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    how to compare closeness of pixels?

      i'd like to create a photomosaic generator. the difficult part is to determine the best matching picture (from a database of pictures) to replace a tiled section of the original picture. given tile, pic0, pic1 (all bufferedimage objects of the same dimension), determine whether pic0 or pic1 is a better replacement for tile.

      my attempt:
      0. compare* (details below) tile with pic0 pixel by pixel and sum up the differences (call it s0).
      1. compare* (details below) tile with pic1 pixel by pixel and sum up the differences (call it s1).
      2. replace tile with pic0 if s0 <= s1, otherwise replace it with pic1.

      *pixel comparison:
      0. extract the rgb components of the corresponding pixels.
      1. abs(tilePix.red - picPix.red) + abs(tilePix.green - picPix.green) + abs(tilePix.blue - picPix.blue).

      results: the same picture is always used as a replacement.
      using the distance formula on rgb doesn't work either:
      sqrt(sqr(tilePix.red - picPix.red) + sqr(tilePix.green - picPix.green) + sqr(tilePix.blue - picPix.blue).

      please help, thanks.