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      Hi All,

      class A{
      public void process(){ S.o.p("A");
      class B extends A{
      public void process() throws IOException{
      throw new IOException();
      p s v m(String []args){
      try{(new B().process();)}
      catch(IOException e){ S.o.p("Exception");}

      result: compile time error in line "public void process() throws IOException"
      plz help me to find the reason.?

      regards ,
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          Did you read my previous post correctly? Use code tag to post any codes.
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            help me to find the reason?
            The reason is stated in the compiler error message. What part of it didn't you understand?
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              Here subclass B which extends from class A is overiding the method process(). While overiding you cannot declare a checked exceptions declaration in the subclass when you dont have any exception in the parent class. As per the contract of overiding you can have either have broader exceptions or no exceptions inherit from your parent class to your subclass.
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                Thank you v.much for Ur kind consideration... I got some idea.