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    12.1.1 fresh installation hang while running AutoConfig on Apps Node

      Hi All,
      I am installing 12.1.1 fresh installation which is multi-node installation. OS: OEL 5.4 64bit.
      Node-1 for DB, and the second node for Apps.

      I successfully installed the DB, but while running the rapidwiz on Apps Node, the progress bar was hung on following:
      1. Processing Step 2 of 3, running adrunat.sh
      2. and after unzipping around 1191 zip files, it's running AutoConfig on Apps Node

      I check from the adconfig.log, it's exiting with status 1 and following error reported:
      [CVM Error Report]
      The following report lists errors encountered during CVM Phase
      <filename> <return code where appropriate>
      /U01_TestAPP/TEST/apps/apps_st/appl/ad/12.0.0/bin/adgentns.pl -1

      From /etc/hosts, following list I have: localhost.localdomain localhost server-testdb.xxx-yyy.com server-testdb --> It's for the DB server-devdb.xxx-yyy.com server-devdb ---> It's for the Applications

      Please help me to solve the Issue.