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    LDOMS on zfs volumes vs Veritas volumes?

      We have a T5220 with 6 300GB drives that we are going to be putting guest ldoms on. The guest LDOMs will be running Oracle DBs. There is no SAN disk available at this remote location. I was thinking on having one zfs pool on the primary LDOM and creating volumes from there to create the guest LDOMs on as well as the Oracle DB data file systems. There will be on volume for each LDOM and one volume for data. I was planing on creating a zfs pool on the data disks so the DBA can have as much flexability with the available disk as possible. The root OS will be kept as ufs.

      Does anyone have performance issues with this configuration vx just using Veritas with volumes? The customer would prefer not to use veritas and save the license costs of veritas.
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          We use several T5240 with a similar configuration to the one you consider. On each of them we have a primary domain using ufs, and 6 ldom using a zfs pool of disks. The primary domain has its own network card and 3 more network interfaces are shared by the 6 other domains through a virtual switch. It is very clean and easy to configure, and I would not see any advantage to mix with veritas software. You will probably need to do some tests for the performances with the Oracle database, for which some tuning may be needed.
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            The primary reason for using Veritas with LDoms is only in HA situations, such as multiple hosts containing LDoms where you use CVM, Symantec's clustered volume manager, as the backend storage via SAN to allow for migration of LDoms between physical hosts. This allows for better planned maintenance activities. If your environment is not using multiple hosts, there is zero need for Veritas. In fact, it will only add to cost and maintenance items in single host configurations.