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    sieve :list extension

      Hi, we're playing with:

      Is it possible to substitute the domain of an address inside of the ldap filter that is shown in that example (piEmail1=$4)?
      We want to expand the list which might just contain domain names, instead of email addresses.

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          You could change the pattern on the left side of the mapping table entry to select the domain part of the address.

          As shown in the example:
          address|*|*|*|*|checkPAB|* $C$]$1??one?(|(piEmail1=$4)(piEmail2=$4)(piEmail3=$4))[$Y$*$E
          It is $4 is the 5th '*' -- in the example, the From: address being checked. And $1 (the second '*') is the value of the user's psroot attribute.

          If you changed the 5th '*' to "\*@\*" then to do the same lookup as shown in the example, you would have to change all the "$4" to "$4@$5". Or you could change the LDAP filter to look for whatever attribute you like = $5. eg:
          address|*|*|*|*|checkPAB|*@* $C$]$1??one?(xyzzy=$5)[$Y$*$E