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    Java Deployment Toolkit and


      I use deployment toolkit (http://www.java.com/js/deployJava.txt ) in my project. When JVM is not installed it goes to Java download page, user downloads it, installs, and then my original page is refleshed. And now I have problems with this refreshing after installing Java:
      - urls containing # (eg. http://www.mypage.com/#/?someParamForJavascript=somevalue - typical in AJAX applications) are treated as just http://www.mypage.com
      - urls using https:// scheme (eg. https://www.mypage.com) are redirected to something like http://https//www.mypage.com

      My current workaround involves a redirecting servlet and some JavaScript code:
      deployJava.returnPage = "http://www.mypage.com/RedirectServlet".replace(":7002/", ":7001/") // for testing under WebLogic
                     + "?to=" + encodeURIComponent(window.location);

      But it's very ugly workaround. Is there a better one?

      For me it looks like a bug in the deployment toolkit. Where should I post such bugs, is there some bugzilla for deployment toolkit, or something like that?