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    Oracle Audit Vault installation fails on DVCA assistant + libpthread.so.0

      Hello experts, I did this post at general forums but nobody noticed anything, I need your help

      I am able to install the Oracle Audit Vault Server on the following features:

      OS: Suse Linux 10 SP 2
      Clusterware version: 11.1.0 6

      The Oracle Audit Vault server installation procces creates the database an starts the instances on each node and notice me the url for the Enterprise Manager but after that it fails at DVCA assistante because is not able to load the shared library libpthread.so.0.

      I found in internet that some time there are files like srvctl, vipca, etc tha export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL ant we have to comment that line, but I do not found the line in those files. I just found in the crsctl file this line like
      export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL

      PD: The libpthread.so.0 library already exist

      Should I comment this line at crsctl file?

      Thank you in advance.