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    JDE connector can't connect to E1

      Hi Guys,

      I'm OIM developer. For a few week, I have to develop jde connector to communicate OIM with JDE.
      I use JDE Connector v9.0.4.3 that it's a connector of OIM. And then, I'm trying to connect to E1, I got the error below

      ERROR,12 Jul 2011 16:30:24,968,[XL_INTG.JDECONNECTOR],Could not login to JDEdwards Enterprise One:com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.ServerFailureException: Exception occurred while validating role and/or environment in Java Connector Login method:Invalid Role *ALL and/or Environment JPD812_KKB for User jmfec
      at com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.Connector.loginBase(Unknown Source)
      at com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.Connector.loginBase(Unknown Source)
      at com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.Connector.login(Unknown Source)
      at com.oracle.oim.integration.jde.utils.JDEConnection.OpenConnectionToJDE(Unknown Source)

      Then I've tried to login to JDEdwards Enterprise One directly by using the same username, password, environment and role but its ok.
      I don't know why the connector can not login by using the same user that can login to JDEdwards Enterprise directly.