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    IBR10g on Windows 2008 server

    M van Veelen

      I am trying to get the integration between UCM10g en IBR10g to work. UCM10g is running on Oracle Enterprise Linux and the IBR10g is running on Windows 2008 Enterprise. I am using ghostscript 8.63 for conversion. When trying to convert a document I am getting the following error:

      "Unable to convert, the printer 'IDC PDF Converter' is not installed". I am pretty sure I followed the right steps mentioned in the PDF converter install guide and the notes on support.oracle.com. (install printer, right name etc)

      I am aware of the fact that IBR10g is not supported on windows 2008 but someone told me he got it to work...and i do not know why it should not work?

      Anybody a suggestion to help me solving the problem?