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    renaming PC

      We have gone to a new naming scheme for our office PC's but when we change the PC name of a primavera user the Primavera program fails. When we change t number back to it's origina number the program works again. What are we missing? What can we do to rename a PC and still keep functionality for Primavera?
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          When opening Primavera P3, the user must have full Administrative privileges. Otherwise, P3 will fail to load. Make sure that the user has full Administrative privileges on the computer.

          Hope this helps!
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            neilcarmichael - oracle
            If it is p3e p5 or p6 (rather than P3) it will be because of the database connection.

            By default the program finds the database by the using the name of the machine, even if it is on the same machine.

            Try editing the database connection and change the name of the machine from nameofthemachine\primavera to LOCALHOST\primavera

            "localhost" is a special name on windows computers that means "this machine" so should fix the problem now and if the machine name gets changed again in the future