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    Reading EDI X12 file from local folder


      We have got a requirement where a EDI X12 file (invoice) will be FTPed to a folder in the SOA server and the file needs to be processed and the data needs to be stored in some custom table(s).

      Can anyone please guide me as to how to read this file from local drive. Can I use standard "File adapter"? (I don't think it will work though) Can I somehow use Oracle B2B to read the file and convert into XML?

      I have just started working on Oracle B2B. Any help is much appreciated.

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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
          Hi Abhijit,

          Yes, Oracle B2B is the right tool for this scenario. It has inbuilt transports seeded which you can use. No need to use any adapter. You can create an ecs file in B2B Document Editor which B2B will use at run-time for EDI native to XML translation and vice-versa. To understand it's functionality in better way, go through below docs -


          You may also try the X12 samples, which are here -


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            You can check the links and know the concepts. The invoice will come as EDI 810 files. Configure the FTP channel as a listening channel of your company in b2b console. Use the definition you create in the document editor to configure the b2b adapter. So once the file is received, b2b adapter will pick up the file and give to BPEL. In the BPEL you can transform according to the custom table and invoke a DB adapter / oracle apps adapter and you can insert the invoice records in the custom table.

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              B2B can do this.
              1) create the doc def and import those to B2B
              2) configure partners and delivery channels( in ur case FTP)
              3) Deploy the agreement
              4) In SOA composite use the b2b adapter to read
              5) use mediator/BPEL to transform the message to be send to the end system.

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                Hi , I too have the same requirement.

                i am using
                Oracle Editor :
                Document Protocol : EDI_X12
                Document type : 810 (Invoice )
                Version: 4010
                Weblogic server :
                I followed all the steps to create EDI X12 810 ecs file, converted this to .xsd and then to .dat in Oracle Document Editor as explained in the B2B user guide.
                I also configured the trading partner , created agreements and deployed in B2B console. There is no mistake . as i can able to see the def file while configuring Oracle B2B in my Jdev.
                I deployed the same process . But no instance is creating for my process. I also configured listing channel to Generic File 1.0. please help me out in this . Thank you.