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    Need Help on StorageTeK SL500

      Hi everyone

      i need help on Storage TeK SL500 tape Library

      we have it on our Data Center and since 3 year no body who managed this machine.the guy s who know something are resign since

      i dont know how to connect by CLI,or if there is ALom or ILOM,

      we have try to use straight and Cross cable on CLI port ... but nothing

      this machine have 2 Ip's labeled in Front
      28.6.142 and 28.10.56

      we need to connect for see what is problem Alarm on SL500

      there is Orange led on ''services Required'' Keypad touch.

      we dont have also docs
      please help

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          Try connect to Public Ethernet Port via ssh. ( Try both IP ).

          Possible username: oem, service, admin

          type help all for list available commands.

          Also you can use SL-Console ( SLC). It's available on edelivery.oracle.com As "Oracle StorageTek Product" "Generic Platform".

          Check that on all PS lit green LED ( back of the library).