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    Internal Error 2753 RegUtils CANNOT INSTALL/REINSTALL JAVA JDK

      XP Pro SP 3

      My JDK install is corrupt.

      When attempting to Reinstall jdk1.6.0_26

      I receive the error
      Internal Error 2753 RegUtils

      The are no entries in Add/Remove Programs to Remove any version of JAVA

      JavaRA 1.16 does not resolve issue

      Windows Removal Tool
      shows no presence of any Java programs

      Using command line arguments jdk1.6.0_26.msi /uninstall
      gives message "This patch package could not be opened.

      Original install was to location
      R:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_26
      This directory no longer exists

      C:\Program FIles\Common\Java directory does not exist.

      Does Oracle provide a complete JAVA removal tool so I can reinstall Java JDK?

      Error is also occurring trying to install JAVA For Windows Version 6 Update 26 error message
      JAVA Setup Internal Error 2753 regutils.dll

      When redirected to JAVA Help http://www.java.com/en/download/help/index_error.xml
      Java Help does not mention error code 2753

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