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    Two issues with11g Beta

      But there also other is niggle that was in 10g XE
      *11g XE*
      W7 SP1
      IE 9.0.8112.16421
      Home >SQL Workshop>Query Builder
      1. The SQL Query Builder does not allow the user to enter the conditions or joins
      2. The check all does not work.
      3. The whole query builder just does not function.
      Home >SQL Workshop>Object Browser
      Select Table with a few hundred rows with 30 or so columns
      The row (s) indicator “>”( next page icon jtfunexe.gif) when you press it goes to top left of data no problem with that, but the n I have to go down to the bottom right of web page to press again. Move the icon to above the top left of data or have another icon or a shortcut page forward key. As this is really annoying when you just want to browse quickly through data.