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    Whats the storage management software for CSM200

      We have two node sun cluster using CSM200 storage and running out of space in shared filesystem. So we need to increase the space and there is no free space in metaset.

      In this case, planning to add disk in storage. We are unable to find the management software at OS level Solaris 10.

      Anyone please help me how can I find the free slot in storage?????
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          CSM200 - is expansion for array 6140/6180/etc.

          But format report SUN-CSM200 for array *Sun StorageTek[tm] 6140 Array*

          You can have one array + expansion or 2 undepended array.

          For manage this array use software Common Array Manager ( CAM ).

          Docs for array and CAM: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19381-01/index.html

          This software can was installed on any system on your network. Possible ever on nodes of the cluster.