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    LCM Import not working

      I am new to using the LCM tool but could not find an answer to this online or in documentation.

      In Essbase 11.1.2, I am tryting to migrate filter security within the same database different application. The To app is identical to the From app but not all of the security migrates. The migration completes with a success message but it is missing some of the security. When I create a small migration with just one of the missing ones it completes normally but does not actually copy it.

      Has anyone run into this before? What could be the solution?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Anita,

          I have been faces with a similar issue while using the migration wizard from 9.2.1 to

          The isues here was that just one and only one filter has been migrated to the target system.
          Initialy I was in temptation to raise an SR, bat finally decided to just workaraoud it via MaxL.

          I have spooled the filter to file via "display function" loaded the output into an Oracle table and build a view that gives me and output with the create filter syntax.
          A little strange, but it worked.
          However if you have the skills to do it that way at least it is a way...

          Currently I'm not at work. If you are interested please remind me via a recall (just Update your topic) next week (monday).

          Goog luck!
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            MaxL will not work to assign access control. Thanks anyway.

            Anyone else have any ideas?
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              I have also noticed that it will sometimes delete the filter that should be assigned.
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                I have figured out the issue. In the initial setup, some of the filters and groups had invalid characters like &, - or /. Even though we renamed them I believe somehow the system remembered this. I rebuilt the filters, groups and assignments. When I reran the LCM process everything transferred correctly. I hope this discovery will assist someone else.