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    CollabWSDB Active Projects

      Does anyone have a query that will show you the active projects in WCI? When you look at your projects, you have recycled and archived projects along with things that are active but I can't decipher from the status or type fields how to narrow this down? Any help owuld be appreciated.
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          Mike Headley-Oracle
          The easiest way to figure this out is to create some fake projects and record their rows in the CSPROJECTS table in the database. After making a change, record the new values of the row and compare. I took a look at the project types and recorded their rows and found that type and projectfolderID are the important columns.

          Here's a list of all the types:

          Normal: type = 0, folder ID = ##
          Community: type = 0, folder ID = 2
          Template: type = 1, folder ID = 4
          Archived: type = 2, folder ID = 5
          Temporary: type = 3, folder ID = ##
          Personal: type = 4, folder ID = 3
          Recycle Bin: type = 1024 added to one of the above types, folder ID = 6

          Folders with numbers under 10 or so are intrinsic folders with specific meanings for those project types. The ## above is a user-created or otherwise situation specific folder ID. Recycle Bin type is just 1024 added to the original type's number.

          If you want to query for active projects, you would look for all projects with types of 0 (normal+community) or 4 (personal). You shouldn't have to look at the folder unless you were looking for community projects specifically.

          select * from CSPROJECTS where type = 0 or type = 4;

          * Note, the folder IDs can be wrong if the installation has been corrupted and later fixed, but this is very, very rare. If you look at your CSPROJECTFOLDER table and you see the same IDs and types as the list above, you're fine.

          Let me know if you have any questions about this or if it answers your original question.

          -Mike Headley, WCI Developer Support
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            This is helpful!