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    Installing client on top of

      I am trying to install the Oracle client on a Windows 7 machine (64 bit). I did some looking and found info which recommended installing the Oracle Database 10g Client Release 2 (, followed by the patch set. I downloaded and installed the client. Next I went to get the patch, not realizing that one must have a support contract in order to download patches. I now see that I can get the client itself. Since I don’t have access to the patch, would it be ok to just install the client?? Would the client replace Or would this approach just lead to trouble?
      Thanks for any information or suggestions.
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          You should desintall client and install client; otherwise you will end up with 2 Oracle client installations which can be confusing although supported.

          Note also that can have easier Oracle Client installations (ie without OUI and Oracle Inventory) by using Oracle Instant Client:

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            Srini Chavali-Oracle
            Can you pl post a link to the client ? I do not believe it exists.

            The steps to install on Win 7 are here - http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/relnotes.102/b15680/toc.htm#BABEBBJF

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              I run Windows 7 64bit on my workstation. The Oracle 10 client gave me nothing but trouble.

              As soon as I gave up on it and when to the 11 client all issues went away.

              Best Regards

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                You might be able to install the client and then the client PATCH, or install the client patch onto the existing client install.

                That said, I would just use the latest 11.2 client on windows 7. After it's installed, use it's abilities to uninstall the 10.2 client home.

                It is possible to install the 10.2 client to get the old Java OEM utility on Win 7 (I just continued installing, ignoring the error messages), and then installed the 11G client.
                I use the 11G tools/sqlnet as the default, but have to maintain a 2nd copy of the tnsnames.ora file in the 10g clients' network admin directory too.



                PS. Remember to run installers with 'admin' privs. This might not be required if installing to a default location inside "c:\programs & files" but IS when using c:\oracle as a base.
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                  Thanks. Will 11g client work fine with 10g Server??
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                    874446 wrote:
                    Thanks. Will 11g client work fine with 10g Server??
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                      I've used a 11Gr2 client to connect to 9i , 10g & 11g datbases. I believe the 11GR2 client is the only one ok'd for Win7 too - check.

                      I've also known the 9i client to connect to 9i, 10g & 11G dababases - BUT - when a users password expires in 11G, (where mixed case passwords are enabled but not used till now), the 9i and 10g client cannot change it - even to one without any uppercase in it.

                      Take note that if you are using both 32bit & 64bit ODBC DSN's on a 64bit Windows server , there are separate ODBC Management tools to create the DSN's for 32bit & 64bit. But I digress..

                      You should always test any compiled client applications - if you have encoded password management within, to an 11G sandpit DB before upgrading the prod instance. We found a requirement to recompile a client executable that did password management, with 11GR2 client libs. By password management, I mean the application had been build with the functionality encoded, to offer a way for the user to change their Oracle password.

                      I still urge you to upgrade your DB to 11GR2 soon, as 10gr2 is now getting on in years. Risk reduction?
                      You can always set the DB (or session) parameter "optimizer_features_enabled" to 10.2.0 (or even back to 9.2.0) if some 'tuned' SQL runs slower, or until you have a chance to rewrite the code. [Or let the optimiser automatically capture & evaluate it overnight to find a better plan by itself - the DB is much better/smarter these days]. Oracle also offers 'workload capture and replay' methods to pre-prove all code will perform at same or better levels (and use an existing transfered execution plan for a statement if it cannot) before the move to 11G.


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                        Thanks all,
                        I believe I have deinstalled the client successfully per instructions found here:


                        My plan is to install the 11g client next.

                        Thanks again
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                          Is it possible to connect 8i using on windows 7 ?
                          Un-upgradable DB Application Upgraded OS :)
                          Any Suggestions
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                            Srini Chavali-Oracle
                            Pl post a new thread - hijacking another old thread is considered to be rude.