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    Maintenace wizard

      By using Maintenance wizard, how much we reduce time and cost.

      Though I know that would depend on my specific configuration, module, customization etc

      Say if we use this tool, how it helps to reduces the time and cost.
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          David Heisler-Oracle
          By using the Maintenance wizard tool you can reduce time and cost because all of the steps are right in front of you. We combine information from multiple documents to give you the exact steps and patches required to complete your upgrade. The tool also collects process times so you can evaluate areas of your upgrade that are taking the most time. Each time you perform another test upgrade you can copy the steps from a previous upgrade and maintain all your notes and custom steps added by you for your particular setup.

          The Maintenance Wizard tool removes all of the anticipation of missing an important step by including all known upgrade issues not found in the upgrade documentation but are provided by support as issues found since the release of the product.

          Download it and try it out - it is free.
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            Thank you,

            Why I can only choose no. works at projects site, should be at customer level, ( or at least provide a choice to choose, which level)

            Also while defining custom steps, I have to provide from/to of EBS versions and platform , why can’t that info take from my configuration ( defined as part of nodes,) i think it is dulplication of entering info

            Thank You