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    JNA: Canon SDK for java

      I am using Canon SDK for java for integrating new camera EOS to my application .I face a problem in method Shoot .

      Can I fire this event "kEdsObjectEvent_DirItemRequestTransfer" with this method

      public NativeLong invoke( NativeLong inEvent, __EdsObject inRef, EdsVoid inContext ) {

      if( inEvent.intValue() == CanonSDK.kEdsObjectEvent_DirItemCreated )

      setResult( CanonUtils.download( inRef, null, false ) );
      return null;


      this is my output:
      ----------------------------------------------- Console output ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      Received new command, processing class edsdk.utils.CanonCamera$OpenSessionCommand
      Command finished
      Received new command, processing class edsdk.utils.commands.ShootTask
      Trying to take image...
      result= 0, might mean EDS_ERR_OK
      Took image, waiting for file
      Event!!!513.0, null
      Event!!!516.0, null
      Looks like we got a file!
      Downloading image IMG_1648.JPG to C:\DOCUME~1\nrowaimi\LOCALS~1\Temp\IMG_1648.JPG
      Command finished
      Received new command, processing class edsdk.utils.CanonCamera$CloseSessionCommand
      closing session
      Dispatcher thread says bye!

      kEdsObjectEvent_VolumeInfoChanged = 513;
      kEdsObjectEvent_DirItemCreated = 516;

      I need this event "kEdsObjectEvent_DirItemRequestTransfer" from Canon , Is it possible or not?
      Anyone knows ?!