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    Nested Anchors

      Hello, my development environment of UPK 3.5.1. is generating nested anchor tags from the Web Page Editor to the generated local folder index.html file (in Parts directory) and as far as I can see this problem had only occured on Web Page content objects. Anyone have an idea what this could be? My guess is Glossary (which is looking for first occurances) but entirely sure I am not. Either way, it's not really a desirable situation as nested anchors are illegal (but not impossible ofc) in HTML conventions.


      Rob on 21-jul-2011 7:58
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          Oh and to be a bit more specific they are several levels deep and do not have a reference. The anchors are formed as [a target="_blank"]

          Rob (dunno why the handle doesn't change)

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            Marc Santosusso
            Hello Rob,

            I would suggest contacting My Oracle Support (http://support.oracle.com/). They will be able to investigate the issue you're describing and communicate to the Engineering department to see if there's something that can be done to eliminate the illegal HTML structure you've described.

            I'm not intimately familiar with the structure of the Parts directory, but if I understand what you're referring to, it's possible these are placeholders that get resolved (maybe removed) in the published content.

            Best regards,