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    Re dynamic data connections

      Hello, I need some help regarding some issues we're having with BI Publisher 11g.

      We are using runReportInSession method and our problem is that it seems to be getting the data from the data source defined in the BIP server instead of the one we have defined for dynamicDataSource.JDBCDataSource.

      Our situation is as follows.

      We have a data source named LSTAR in the BIP server with the connection string jdbc:oracle:thin:@10.xxx.xxx.xxx:1521:dev3 and our report templates uses this data source as the default data source.

      We have an application that connects to the BIP server to run reports but the connection string for the data source LSTAR is dynamically changed by extracting the connect string value from a configuration file. Below are the values that were set for dynamicDataSource.JDBCDataSource object.

      dataSourceName: "*LSTAR*"
      dataSourceNameField: "LSTAR"
      JDBCDriverClass: "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"
      jDBCDriverClassField: "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"
      JDBCDriverType: "Oracle 10g"
      jDBCDriverTypeField: "Oracle 10g"
      JDBCPassword: "password"
      jDBCPasswordField: "password"
      JDBCURL: "+jdbc:oracle:thin:@10.xxx.xxx.xx:1521:QA11202B+"
      jDBCURLField: "jdbc:oracle:thin:@10.xxx.xxx.xx:1521:QA11202B"
      JDBCUserName: "test9"
      jDBCUserNameField: "test9"

      The runReportInSession method is called this way -->
      +object  rptRes = rs.GetType().GetMethod("runReportInSession").Invoke(rs, new object[] {rptReq, biSessionToken});+

      rptReq is the ReportRequest object with its dynamicDataSource.JDBCDataSource object with the values above.

      The contents of the generated report comes from the defined data source in the BIP server instead of the specified data source specified. We didn't encounter this issue in BI Publisher 10g.

      What might be causing this problem? And also, is there a need in to set dynamicDataSource.fileDataSource when creating the ReportRequest object? We get a runtime exception when we don't set it to a FileDataSource object.

      Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!