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    Sun Storage Tek 6140 battery replacement, how to?

      Hi Chaps,

      I got an alert from CAM of Sun Storage Tek 6140 that batteries of both the controllers are going to expire in 41 days, I logged the call with oracle/sun and they consider this as CRU(customer replaceable unit) and send us the batteries to be replaced, hence it came on me as a DBA to replace the atteries of the both the controllers(A and B) of SunStorage Tek 6140.

      under this circumstances, could you please advise me the following?

      1. is it feasible to replace the batteries while systems(storage array,DB's and servers attached to it) are up and running? if I do so does this impact on performance? any risk?

      2. on recieved batteries from Sun/Oracle it is not marked as this battery is for controller 'A' and the other for controller 'B', hence my question is that can we install any one of these batteries to controller A or controller B?

      3. will there be a situation like CAM alerted as these going to expire in 41 days but may expire anytime before 41 days?

      Thanks for your help in advance, I will really appreciate for the quick and effective responses.

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          Open and read Service Adviser at CAM. He got instruction and all need tool for this procedure.

          Short answer:

          System still up and running.
          Both controllers (A and B ) are same, sor battery same to.
          You can install any battery to any controller.
          While battery carge - possible swtich off write cache for array ( writethru mode), so it can decrease performance.
          I don't remember how long battery will be charge.
          Attantion ! You should reset battery age after replacment.

          Be happy!
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            Thanks Nik,

            I am still confused about the battery namings, when I look at the service adviser it says

            a) Battery "A" is part of controller "A" in the upper left corner of the tray, battery "B" is part of controller "B" in the lower right corner of the tray when viewing the tray from the rear.

            but the batteries I recieved are same not marked as A or B? please advise

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              i got both the batteries replaced by following the service adviser instructions. but the key thing here was like batteries were not defective but going to be expire in future dates hence there is no chance of blue LED on and problem status is OK to remove the batteries.

              hence status will be still OK and no blue LED and we can remove the batteries one at a time provided 'reserve for maintenance' and reset the battry age and then 'release' the battery from maintenance.

              it so simple and strait forward but before taking the batteries out I have been advised that first test the communication to each controller(A and B) and if this is OK then proceed to replace the batteries otherwise resolve it first.

              hence in my case I tested controller-A communication and found valid and tried for controller-B found error. then I directly connected the laptop using Ethernet cable and connected into maintenance port and the other busy port too and ping it but unfortunately it was not pingable.

              then I gave a gap of 2 minutes and tried testing the communication for controller-B and found that it is pingable and then continued the usual battery replacement.

              finally both the batteries replaced successfully but took around 10hrs to charge.

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                Was there a separate charge for these replacement batteries or were they included as part of your support?