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    Blur image

      This is my first post here, please be kind.

      I am doing some work with Java, experimenting to see how easy it is to implement certain graphical transformations. One project is to try and blur, or pixelate an image, as follows:
      Take an image, and calculate a "minimum" size square. Sample the data within a grid of these squares
      and do a bilinear interpolation. The result will be a very blocky image! Then, do the same (while performing
      some other mathematical jiggery-pokery) and make the minimum size square smaller. Do this until
      the image is equal to the original image.

      Perhaps what I am trying to do is better explained in this image: http://goo.gl/d3Vtn
      - after each pass, the image quality gets better. I got the images using Gimp.

      I'm reading up on some potential methods to do this, but one that I got encouraged by, AffineTransformOp won't do this (I think?).

      Could someone please suggest a possible method? A friend said that ConvolveOp might do the trick but the manual pages have me flummoxed.

      Best wishes


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