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    Documentation for ojserver?

    John Stegeman
      Primarily a question for the Oracle team:

      I've found some "hints" in the documentation about the long-awaited server-based option for ojdeploy (the "ojserver"); however, I cannot find anything substantive on how to run ojserver, how to use it, etc. I have found the command in the install and have managed to start the server, but aside from that, nothing in docs - is there anything out there or forthcoming?


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          Duncan Mills-Oracle
          John - you should just have to run the normal ojdeploy command but with the -ojserver switch
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            John Stegeman

            Yes, I saw that part of the documentation; however, there is no documentation on the server itself, such as

            * how to run the server
            * how to configure the server
            * what are the benefits of running the deploy via an ojserver
            * etc

            Yes, I have found the ojserver binary, and have run it to see the options, including how to start the server, but I'm looking for some proper documentation.

            I know that the fusion teams (apps, webcenter, etc) use ojserver from previous postings in the ADF EMG and from a Steve M OOW presentation in 2009, so I'm sure there's more to it that just "start the server" and "use the switch to the ojdeploy command"

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              Duncan Mills-Oracle
              Humm seems like a good article for a blog in the medium term
              In the short term here are the basics:
              1) To start the server *./ojserver -start* (this will start the server on the default port of 2010)
              2) To start the server on another port e.g 9001 *./ojserver -start -address :9001*
              3) To stop the server *./ojserver -stop -address :9001*
              4) To check if it's up *./ojserver -ping -address :9001*

              Configuration there is nothing extra to do - it's just an executor for the ojdeploy stuff you already have. I've added an internal bug to get these options officially documented as well
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                John Stegeman

                Any update on the progress?

                I did have one specific question - does the application (i.e. all of the source files for the app) need to be on the same machine as ojserver, or when you run ojdeploy, does it send them all up to the server to be compiled/packaged? If it sends them to the server, where do the build artifacts end up? Or, is the ojserver just a way to avoid the startup overhead when running ojdeploy?