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    Cannot start JNLP applet on IE 9 64 bits


      I have an Applet that launches using JNLP with version control and compression activated.

      The Java VM correctly starts and launches the applet in all platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows 7 32 bits in all browsers, and Windows 7 64 bits in all browsers except IE 9. In IE 9, the VM doesn't even start (or it's too fast for me to see the console).

      Has any one experienced this before?

      Thank you

      Edit I am using Tomcat 7 and Java 1.6.26, both 64 bits

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        • 1. Re: Cannot start JNLP applet on IE 9 64 bits
          1) Make sure you have correct version of JRE installed. Need 32 for 32 bit browser and 64 bit otherwise.
          Check list of installed plugins in IE to see if java plugin is listed.

          2) Make sure java plugin is enabled for IE in the Control Panel.
          If UAC is on then you need to run Java Control Panel as administrator for settings to take effect.

          3) Create small bat file to launch IE:
          set JPI_PLUGIN2_DEBUG=true
          Close IE and launch using this file. Try to open any applet, you should see window with trace log. Does it mention any errors?
          Please paste content here if you need further help.