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I.m using flash charts in my apex application (4.0.2) in combination with the https protocol.

The flash charts are not working. Reason is that the generated xml file is not using the https url to get the generated xml file but http.

The #HOST# variable is filled with http instead off https
when I'm using &HOST_URL. the behaviouris the same.

I added the following line to the dads.conf
PlsqlCGIEnvironmentList REQUEST_PROTOCOL=https

No result.
Any ideas? (i prefer not to change the generated xode)

Kind Regards Erik
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    sja Newbie
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    Hi Erik,

    I have run into this issue. Did you ever find a solution?

    Thanks much. Sue
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    Scott Oracle ACE Director
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    The only workaround that I have been able to successfully use for this is to manually replace the #HOST# in the source of a chart region with &HOST. - which references an APEX Application Item that I set when the user authenticates. This does work reliably, but you do have to make sure that you update the HTML source of each and every chart and replace BOTH instances of #HOST#.

    A nice enhancement request would be to make #HOST# an instance-level variable, as you will also run into this issue when using a reverse proxy. This issue also exists with charts in Interactive Reports, and I do not have an easy to implement workaround for that.


    - Scott -
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    Thanks much Scott!
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    Scott Oracle ACE Director
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    No problem.

    Be sure to mark this - and all correctly answered posts - as answered. It helps others determine if a solution is embedded in the thread from the main page.


    - Scott -


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