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    R42520 Pick Slip XML format


      I need to have a BI template for Pick Slip R42520 report. I generated XML for the same. But the structuring of the XML is an issue:
      XML format is like below:


      I have a BI template, which requires first header to be printed (Pick Slip number, Order Number) and then the detail lines to be printed for an order. When a new pick slip number is triggered, it should trigger a page break and print details for next order.
      Please advise.

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          Bruno Condemi
          you can resequence the xml structure throug the template; refear to the bip guide of your current release.


          Bruno Condemi.
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            As I could not generate the BI template with the XML given by Pick Slip. I modified the code a little. I stored the 'Pick Slip Number' from 'Header Custom Section' and displayed it in 'Pick Slip Detail Lines' section.
            Then in the RTF file, kept a 'for-each' group (Page Break) on 'Pick Slips Detail Lines' Section and regrouped on new RV Pick Slip. For the detail lines, a 'for-each loop on 'Current-group' is kept.
            This way I could group the data depending on the pick slip number.
            But Now i want to print all these on pre-printed stationary. the problem arises, as my Order Total footer section fluctuates depending on the number of rows printed.
            I studied the article given on link 'http://blogs.oracle.com/xmlpublisher/entry/anatomy_of_a_template_i_fixed#comment-1239058164000', but as here my Parent-Child elements are not properly defined, I dont get the expected result.

            Has any body worked on Pick Slip BI Template requirement?

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              [http://www.4shared.com/document/U0t87Ove/RT_US_EN_PickSlip_R5542520_-_C.html] [http://www.4shared.com/document/uP7xlJCO/R5542520_TMP0002_D110727_T0756.html] HI All

              I have modified Pick Slip Report R42520 and have displayed 'Pick Slip Number' retrieved in 'Header Custom Section' in 'Pick Slip Detail Lines'.
              and then for RTF I did re grouping on 'PickSlipDetaiLines/PickSlipNumber'.

              Now its running fine for orders having less no of lines. But it gives blank pages when the line are more.. ie. more than 15 or 20.

              I am sharing the XML and RTF document.

              Please advise.

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                Hi Priya

                The table row containing the product details is being treated as belonging to the table header. Select all the table rows from the top down to and including the detail row, and deselect the 'Repeat as header row at the top of each page' checkbox in the row properties. Then re-select from the top down to and including the column headers, but not the detail row, and then enable 'Repeat as header row at the top of each page'.