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    More failures on repository config for OEM 11g

      Some phases are succeeding, but INFO message below
      looks suspect
      Db is 11gR2, WLS 10.3.2 installed successfully

      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:Still Running...
      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:Completed...
      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:exiting the thread...
      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:[Initializing the EM RCU Runner, Running the Schema Action, Schema Action Completed Successfully]
      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms: action logger path calculated finally: /opt/oracle/Middleware/oms11g/sysman/log/schemamanager/m_061310_0423_AM/m_061310_0423_AM.TRANSX/
      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:The transx command execution is completed with the status 0
      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:process_id:
      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:*The Process ID: [] does not exist. Either it has been completed, or this is not the executing JVM*
      INFO: oracle.sysman.top.oms:The plug-in Repository Configuration has failed its perform method
      INFO: Cfm.save() was called
      INFO: Cfm.save(): 8 aggregate instances saved
      INFO: done waiting for Action from 04:20:19.663