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    ADF error: A connection to the server has failed


      We have an application developed using ADF deployed on Weblogic Server. Environment:

      Weblogic Server: 10.3

      When I try to scroll down a list of rows in a ADF table, I am getting popup screen with "A connection to the server has failed error". Here are a few peculiar things about this error:

      1) The error only occurs if the number of rows in the table are above certain number.
      2) The error ONLY happens when we access the web-app remotely (i.e. if the browser is on the same machine, the error NEVER happens)

      Important: please note that we are retrieving the data by using web-services proxy (Not a direct call to database). The data controls are based on invoking web-services - JAXWS, and they retrieve all the records at the same time.

      Please advise.