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    FGAC with APEX 4.0.2?

      I recently threw APEX over an existing database I have to offer some custom reporting for a client. Any SQL Workshop queries or application reports return "no data found" though I can still see plenty in SQL Developer. I assume it has to do with the FGAC applied to my tables. I thought I configured the APEX workspace to use my existing schema as the same user as our application. In fact, a "select username from user_users" shows the user I expected, not APEX_PUBLIC or ANONYMOUS. Is there any special FGAC adjustment necessary for APEX to use FGAC data? I can't find much documentation crossing APEX and FGAC.

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          http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17556_01/doc/user.40/e15517.pdf Is this not sufficient??

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            No it's not. There is one paragraph on VPD and it's severely lacking.
            I see some older threads on VPD and APEX but they're full of 404 links and older APEX 2.2 talk.
            I see mentions of APEX's "VPD section" which looks like a page process section. I don't recall ever seeing it. It's definitely not available in the new tree view.

            Thanks for suggesting though.
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              Ah -

              Aaaaand for when that page is a 404:

              Shared Components > Edit Security Attributes > Security

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