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    Need help on Sepa SCT bank file

      Hi everybody.
      I am on 8.11 SP1 and I have installed all the ESU for the SEPA. I generate the file with R744002 program but when I want to send it to the bank, the bank software rejects it with a message "Wrong format". Could someone of you send me an example of file that is fine with at least one bank in France or Germany ? Thanks in advance.
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          Hi, I've similarly had issues with the SEPA Credit Transfer (R744002) program and while I've been dealing with Nordea in Finland it could be you're getting similar problems. First of all check if your bank is using ISO 20022 pain.001.001.02 or pain.001.001.03.

          From memory the SEPA ESU is based on pain.001.001.03 but our bank was using pain.001.001.02.