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    SnapManager for Oracle

      Hi folks

      OS: RHEL5.6
      RDBMS: 11gR2
      SMO 3.1
      SnapDrive 4.2P1

      I have a few conceptually questions about SnapManager for Oracle.

      Assuming I have the following disk/volume layout (per database) which is required for snapmanager oracle to take snapshots of a database:

      Volume Name Contains
      voldata Datafiles
      voltemp Temporary Datafiles
      volarch Archivelogs
      volredo Redologs
      volctl Controlfiles

      Is it possible/suggested to use oracle managed files (OMF)? Datafile omf and tempfile outside of omf --> a mix?
      Is it usual to create two redolog members per group, even if both are on the volredo volume?
      Assuming I have daily full backup and each hour backup of archivelog, whats your opinion about enable flashback database?
      is it possible/suggested to enable flash recovery area in volarch volume?

      I hope someone has experience with smo...

      Thanks a lot

      Regards Oviwan
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          hmm it seems that not so many uses netapp snapmanager for oracle ... :)
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            I think you are need to know you database requirements and snapmanager posibilities.

            but in order:

            now you have separate datafile, controlfile, redologs on separate voldrives,
            if you are doing snapshot you need to take all these oracle files in one moment, or use database suspend comand ( i think you need to do test how you database snapshot will work better).

            about redundant redologs per group its redundant feature .

            about flasback feature if you have flasback you can fix user error (like drom, update) without doing restore of whole datbase restore.