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    X11 exception when loading graphics

      Hello, Oracle community. It's my first post.

      I installed Weblogic, SOA and BAM in development mode on Linux. I'm accessing it from Windows.

      I managed to establish a DB connection, extract data, but there is one thing missing: the graphics.

      Any time i try to create a report in Active Studio with a graphic component i get the following exception:

      Exception Message Could not initialize class sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment

      When i try to load a sample report containing graphics it doesn't work either, the textual data loads, but the graphic views hang.

      I understand my problem has nothing to do with me having an Xcygwin server or alike, as the web interface must be cross-plattform.
      I found no solutions in the internet, so i write to you.

      Thank you beforehand for any clues on solving this.