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    QFS in non global zones


      We are planning to configure QFS from a T3-2 to at least 2 non global zones. At the moment the data is shared over NFS but it has been decided to install and configure QFS for speed and resilience.

      Reading numerous documents I am unable to find anything (including in the admin manual) which details how to present the QFS filesystem to the non global zone, there is plenty of mention regarding Sun Cluster and configuring qfs on samfs and setting the type of the filesystem in the zone to samfs but I dont know if we have purchased samfs and qfs but I suspect we only have qfs.

      Basically all I planned to do was present the storage from the EMC to both servers, install and configure qfs then add to the non global zone configuration and do some testing to prove resilience but after doing investigation it may not be as simple as that.

      If anyone has any experience of configuring a standalone qfs filesystem in a zone a helpful hint would be appreciated.