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    problem scrolling to the right in dvt: HierarchyViewer

      Good day, gentlemen.

      Long story short. I have a main root and subordinate objects. Number of objects 60. I can see at a time 7 objects. The problem is that when you scroll to the right hierarchyViewer hungs (somewhere in the middle). Please tell me what's the problem.

      I'm work with a hierarchy of subdivisions of the University. This hierarchy is obtained from the query. I have two entity: subordination and attributesDivisions. These entity are linked by two associations (ID.D *[one_more]* IDD.Subordinate & ID.D *[one_more]* IDD.Main). Of the two associations created VO.
      This VO is connected to itself by means of link (Link is created on the basis of association ID.D *[one_more]* IDD.Main). Another association (ID.D *[one_more]* IDD.Subordinate) links the two entities in Data Model. I also use View Criteria to initially display only level 0.
      It looks like this:

      UNIVERSITY, IDD.Subordinate = *0*, IDD.Main = NULL, LEVEL 0
      ....INSTITUTE ONE, IDD.Subordinate = 1, IDD.Main = *0*, LEVEL 1
      ....INSTITUTE TWO, IDD.Subordinate = *2*, IDD.Main = *0*, LEVEL 1
      ........SUBINSTITUTE TWO, IDD.Subordinate = 10, IDD.Main = *2*, LEVEL 2
      ....INSTITUTE THREE, IDD.Subordinate = 3, IDD.Main = *0*, LEVEL 1

      I was doing on the basis of this example.

      The problem is that HierarchyViewer does not show all institutions. More specifically, the program shows only part of the institutions. When you scroll to the right program not working. The bug can not be in the query. If you remove half of the institutions, the program working. One idea is that the query needs more memory.
      Also, there are no problems with the tree. The tree shows all the institutions.

      Yours, Leonard.

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