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    Apex nobody account

      I have an apex application that has as page 1 (home page) set to public page so there is no login required. It shows at the upper right hand corner the account is 'nobody' I then have a login next to it so the user can actually login to do some work.

      My question is.... it it possible in Apex 4.0 to change the nobody to something else? Nobody sounds kind of odd.

      I would prefer to make it 'Anybody' or anything but 'Nobody'.

      Where is apex getting that nobody information. and what can be done to override it to someother value?


      David Baker
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          The nobody is dealing with the issue that no one is logged into application, so it is displaying a default string. You can run a calculation at application start time and have the APP_USER set with whatever value you want...
                  p_uname       => 'DAMIFINOY',
                  p_session_id  => v('APP_SESSION'),
                  p_app_page    => :APP_ID||':'||:APP_PAGE_ID);
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            In your application:
            Shared Components
            User Interface
            Select Theme
            Change page (i.e.One Level Tabs)
            remove &APP_USER. - > to remove "Nobody" or replace with your value
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              I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to post a solution in case somebody else is searching for it.

              What i did to solve the same issue was to create a create an application process (Shared Components > Application Processes) with the following code:

              IF V('APP_USER') = 'nobody' THEN
              APEX_CUSTOM_AUTH.SET_USER('unregistered user'); // enter your own text here
              END IF;

              This should work regardless of what authentication scheme you are using.

              Best regards,