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    Newly installed JDK7 cannot connect to Oracle servers

      I installed JDK 7 and NetBeans 7.0.1. Whan first running NB it tried to connect (using javaw of course) to dlc.oracle.com and also to netbeans.org but couldn't connect - the SYNC was being sent but apparently no response. NB 6.9.1 connects without difficulty using JRE6. There's no proxy setting (home network only).

      Interestingly, my firewall has set up a rule automatically for javaw to what looks like an IP6 address ce12:6e0b:: - but my machine doesn't have IP6 enabled. Is Oracle assuming that everyone uses IP6 these days? A bit early, I'd have thought.

      Anyway, any ideas as to how to get JDK7 to talk to the Oracle & Netbeans servers?