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    Exadata + Oracle e-Business Suite - Operational Experience.

      Currently working with a client who is running e-Biz 11i - soon to go to Release 12, currently running on Solaris SPARC M5000 for the most part using solaris zones. They are considering buying Exadata to replace their current architecture - was wondering if anyone has any real life experience of using Exadata with e-Biz Suite.

      Specifically, looking at experience of being able to clone database. Oracle Homes, and the e-Biz Tech Stack from a Prod environment to a Dev/Test environment, how easy/or not is it to do, just some info on experience of managing it from an operational point of view. In addition they are also thinking about putting a data warehouse on the same infrastructure.

      We know it will probably give signficant performance benefits, but are trying to analyse what the operational up or downside will be if it is purchased - will it take more admin time, will cloning procedures be more complex and difficult to standardise. This is a financial organisation and they like to standardise everything !.

      Would appreciate any feedback people might have on their experiences - Many thanks - Jonathan