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    JAI - change minX and minY on image after scaling

      I am trying to create a mosaic (using the MosaicDescriptor) from a bunch of images that I have scaled to make smaller. As an aside I am scaling the images first so that I can make them all the same size before creating a mosaic, rather than create the mosaic and then scale.

      The problem that I am running into is that the ScaleDescriptor ignores the ImageLayout rendering hint, which is where I would like to set the minX and minY.

      I have four images that given the proper x/y will create one image with the mosaic descriptor
      image1 = (0,0) x/y
      image2 = (1, 0) x/y
      image3 = (0,1) x/y
      image4 = (1,1) x/y

      Scaling seems to always leave the image in the 0,0 position so my four images all sit on top of each other.

      Is there a way that I can get the ScaleDescriptor to set the minX minY correctly? Or is there another descriptor that I should call to set the minX and minY?


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