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    trusted.certs question with regards to Installation and Upgrading Java

      Thank you to all who take the time to read this especially those who can provide some answers!

      Question #1:
      I read that trusted.certs was not backwards compatible for Java. By this I mean that a "Java Runtime 6 Update 11" generated trusted.certs could not be read / used by "Java Runtime 6 Update 26". Is this correct?

      Question #2:
      Part A: Does a fresh install of Java create the trusted.certs file upon installation or at the time Java is first run after install?
      Part B: When the trusted.certs is created does it do a file check to see if trusted.certs file already exists? If so does it delete and generate a fresh trusted.certs or does it leave the existing file?

      Reason I ask this is that we are getting a java.io.FileNotfoundException for the trusted.certs file. This I believe to be caused by a failed upgrade of Java. When uninstalling "Java Runtime 6 Update 26" it displays "Java Runtime 6 Update 11". This leads me to believe that the trusted.certs is still for Update 11 and not Update 26 which would cause this error even after a fresh install of Java.

      I would love your input and knowledge! Thank you again for your time!