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    Test & Evaluation basics

      Hi all

      My requirement is to create a course(offline sync) it will have one class with mandtory evaluation, learner will enroll in class, now lets say want to conduct few tests(3-4), how do I do that?
      create different courses for each? and then learner enrolls in them all one by one? : Quite cumbersome, as Individual enrollments needs to be done again and again
      i attach tests to the first course itself, in this case : as soon as learner clears first test course becomes completed. what about other tests?

      after all this, will the status pending evaluation will change any enrollment status or not?


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          Anders Northeved-Oracle
          Hi Vikas,

          If you want to do all 3 parts of the evaluation at the same time you can just create several test sections within the Evaluation, then the Learner will have to go through all test sections before they are marked as completed.

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            Hi Anders

            agreed to what u say, but in that case learner will attempt one evaluation and all tests he wil take there itself, what i wanted was to hav tests one by one is span of few days, one test is published and learner takes that test, and after few days of class room session he takes another test

            but i got the workaround, I created dummy learning object, added 3-4 tests to it, each having pre-req as another, and publishing one by one, i can get the desired output.

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